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 “In Association with Max Potential and The Future Leader Group”

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“I have a coaching business but in some cases I do not feel I am the right coach for certain clients. In those cases I refer the client to someone I believe will do a great job. Dee is always at the top of my list! I have seen Dee coach many clients through tough transitional periods, both in their business and personal life. Dee's sense of humour and matter-of-fact manner is refreshing, but always professional. I would recommend her as one who listens for understanding and challenges to action.


Few people who call themselves ‘executive coaches’ have as much impact as Dee. She is very comfortable with high-powered, extremely successful executives who have the highest expectations. If the client is working in an environment where issues of power and politics are key, Dee excels. Dee embodies the rare combination of business skills and relationship skills that are so rare and yet so vital in today's business leaders.”

Wayne Deeth, CEO, Results By Design.

Founding CEO, Future Achievement Australia.

Founding CEO, Max Potential.

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Coaching is powerful when executed by qualified, certified and experienced coaches.

Andrew Sykes, Executive Chef

Rydges Campbelltown

“Dee is one of the most professional, enthusiastic, sincere and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and without her commitment and encouragement I would have never achieved the personal and professional goals I had set out for myself.

Using the coaching skills Dee taught me over the six months we worked together, I have become a more organised and efficient manager which in turn has given me a better work life balance and allowed me to become a better-rounded individual focusing on all aspects of my life evenly. As a direct result of Dee’s commitment and coaching, I have become a more organised, confident and happier person within all aspects of my life." 

Laura Douglass, Senior Personal Banker

ANZ Bank Liverpool

“My coaching experience with Dee was exceptional. I feel I developed my coaching abilities with her support and constant encouragement. The way Dee was able to break down my end goal into smaller manageable chunks and then guide me through how to best adjust my current managerial skills and traits into ones that are more beneficial in coaching my staff and further developing my coaching abilities was invaluable to my career progression.


Dee's friendly and open nature made it easy to relate to her and trust her with helping me to reach and exceed my set goals. I would highly recommend Dee as a professional coach as I have no doubt she would be able to develop your skills and adjust your way of thinking to get the most out of your own career and those around you, both short and long term."

Bernie Brown, CEO

Corrimal RSL Memorial Club

“Executive coaching was a new idea to me and I was unsure what to expect. It has now, however, opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and being, and as a result I have become more effective and motivated, both personally and in leadership.


I have turned daily routines from mundane, unrealistic to-do lists into effective, constructive time manageable executions. As a result I have become more productive each day and feel more accomplished at the end of each week.


Dee was able to quickly identify areas of opportunity and provide strategic exercises and plans to help me build momentum. Dee has been super supportive and kept me motivated and accountable along the way. I would highly recommend Dee as an executive coach to anyone considering bettering themselves inside and out.”

“Engaging. Challenging. Encouraging. Dee provides a positive sounding board to help me make the best choices for my own personal goals. With her open and honest communication style Dee brings out the truth in me and helps me achieve my goals. If you want to start living the life you want, call Dee and ask her to coach you. Your life depends on it!”

Andrew McDuie ... Coach, Aim. Act. Achieve.

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Addventageous Logo.jpg

Charlene Bordley, Founder

Parramatta Bike Hub

Cycling By The River

“I wanted more out of my life, meaning and purpose, yet l lacked the confidence to assert myself. I was challenged recently to reflect on past relationships, the feelings and thoughts that had been created through my life, and how this shapes who I am. Dee has an amazing strength and caring personality to support you through some really tough thoughts, and has managed to work through some uncomfortable experiences that I have come to accept as who I am. I know I have choices, techniques and tools to stop and breath. I know I can stand strong.

I am a growing confident business women, a community leader, influencer and mother of four resilient young men. Dee is like my cheer squad, encouraging and celebrating the wins and working through tough times. Our coaching sessions have meaning, purpose and accountability to drive me further.

Dee you are an amazing, powerful and caring coach that brings out the best in people."


Greta Savickaite-Fletcher

BE UNSTOPPABLE Collaborative Coach

Training - Professional Collaboration Program

"I will be thankful to you forever, for making me realise my own powers, core values and needs, my weaknesses and opportunities to grow, to break my habitual patterns that are not helpful and to achieve miracles in my life.


This training program is backed up with in depth psychological theory, which makes it even more worthwhile. My professional coach and trainer, is equipped with outstanding expertise and professionalism, and I feel so lucky that our paths have crossed. As a result of the Professional Collaboration Program, I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and self-confidence to successfully become an accredited coach.


I feel grateful for the clearly discovered meaning and purpose in my life, and for all the motivation and inspiration to help myself and others around me."


Alessandro Simeoli, Team Leader

NSW Ambulance - Paramedic

Critical Care Helicopter

“I reached out to Dee as I was interested in exploring opportunities to engage in an entrepreneurial journey and I needed support to understand what my next step was.


The most challenging sessions with Dee were the ones where I gained the most personal growth.  She helped me build resilience and stop making excuses, to identify my perceived short comings and negative mindset, which were obstructing my progression. I learnt that set backs are ok.  Dee kept me on point, by re-evaluating my priorities and helped me realise the importance of consistency and sustainable progression.


Dee helped me realise that my life/work skills ARE transferable, and that I DO have options to create a new future for myself and family. I cannot recommend Dee more highly.  She is kind, funny, charismatic, driven, a straight shooter, a challenger and motivator."

“I can't thank Dee enough for her support, encouragement and belief in me. Our coaching sessions increased my confidence in making decisions for myself. Her coaching gave me the inspiration and tools that I needed to make positive changes in my personal and professional life.”

Debbie ... Life Coaching Client

Teoni Ahern, General Manager

Event Cinemas Liverpool

“I had the pleasure of working with Dee on enhancing and developing my own coaching skills that could be easily adapted in everyday life including my career, parenting and social situations. Dee has taught me to put my best foot forward and has given me tools to reach my goals including adapting them when the goal changes.
Educating me on how my cognitive works and answering the “whys” was key to my success. Dee identified this early on and would consistently provide training exercises to realign my structure.


The positive and nurturing environment that Dee provided lead to such a great experience. These skills are now a part of my everyday decisions."

"In Association with Max Potential and

The Future Leader Group"

Michelle Shirvington

Australian Taxation Office

“Not only did I love the Max Potential experience as a coach to a wonderful young adult, I was very fortune to have had Dee as my Professional Coach during this process. Dee’s coaching and guidance was invaluable to me as I progressed through the program, and achieved my own goal.


Her experience, wisdom and enthusiasm for coaching was evident in each coaching session we had and I was able to use the coaching advice she offered not only with my young adult, but also back in the workplace with my staff and with family and friends. Dee was always professional, enthusiastic and approachable.  She easily maintained rapport with all coaches and young adults in our program and is highly respected.  Dee was an absolute pleasure to work with."

"In Association with Max Potential and

The Future Leader Group"

Alexandra Carew

Norths Max Potential 2016

“Dee was my coach as part of the Norths Max Potential Program in 2016. Dee provided support, encouragement, motivation and sound advice when I needed it.


Dee coached me in a person-centric and supportive way by leading me to my own answers whilst also enabling personal insights. Together, we were able to explore new ways of approaching the Max Potential coaching model to ensure that my young adult was getting the best coaching possible.


I was very lucky to be a part of this wonderful program and to have Dee as my coach. I would highly recommend Dee to any person or organisation wanting to develop skills and excel."

"In Association with Max Potential and

The Future Leader Group"

“Dee coaches in such a way that the journey is impactful, accessible and enjoyable for everyone involved. I’m so grateful to Dee, for the skilful coaching, the space, support and inspiration she has provided me to allow me to change my thinking, take action and get results in my life. I would definitely recommend Dee to others!”

Fiona ... Life Coaching Client

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