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We offer different coaching services depending on your needs.

To discuss how coaching can help your professional development.


Executive coaching helps to improve an executive or manager’s performance to optimise both their personal and professional effectiveness. Coaching is done one-on-one, working through things like professional challenges, professional development, communication skills, emotional intelligence, organisational performance, leadership development and work/life balance.


The aim is to identify issues, work through these challenges, change any negative patterns, learn from the experience and achieve the established goal. Tools could include the use of 360 degree measurement of behaviour and personality - combined with coaching development strategies, the identification and utilisation of signature strengths assessments and other positive psychological strategies.


Executive coaching is a confidential collaborative partnership where the coach will challenge the executive’s thoughts, actions and choices to facilitate life-long learning and behavioural changes to achieve sustainable success.


Executive coaching helps managers develop leadership and communication styles, achieve their professional priorities, identify and use their strengths, change negative patterns, transition to a new role or retirement, or help with work/life balance. 

  • Professional development of skills and communication styles/strategies.

  • Teaching mindful leadership and optimal management styles.

  • Helping managers with effective delegation and motivation techniques.

  • Tailor-made coaching to get the best out of executives.

  • Coaching through strategic change or change management for businesses.

  • Unleashing the maximum potential of women in leadership.

To discuss how coaching can help your business achieve its goals.


Business coaching helps identify, address and activate a strategy to achieve organisational goals, develop key personnel, transition staff to new roles, organisational culture change, teach better communication and leadership skills, improve management styles, help get the most out of employees, and transform the workplace culture to unlock – not block – success.


Organisational coaching focuses on the organisation as a whole. It looks at the organisation’s overarching goals, creating high performance teams, and how you can get more effective, customer-focused, productive, motivated and happy employees.

  • Communication and/or development of the organisational vision and mission statement, achieving collective participation and ownership of strategies to implement within the business or team.

  • Professional development of skills and communication styles/strategies for all staff.

  • Teaching mindful leadership and optimal management styles.

  • Helping managers with effective delegation and motivation techniques.

  • Empowering employees to achieve organisational objectives.

  • Increasing peak performance out of all staff.

  • Implementing culture change in the workplace.

  • Coaching through strategic change or change management for businesses.

  • Developing key personnel.

  • Team building.

  • Transitioning staff to new roles.

  • Nurturing talented employees to motivate them and drive even greater workplace success.

To discuss how coaching can help make a positive change in your life.


We all have that little voice that says: you can’t do that, it’s too hard, you’re a failure, you don’t deserve this, you’re ugly, you’re fat, it’s never going to happen, what will others think, you’re not good enough. Maybe you just feel lost and don't know where to go or what to do.


Many people succumb to these thoughts and to their fear of failure. This paralyses them and prevents them from changing their lives and chasing their dreams.


Learning from someone who has learnt how to minimise these voices, control their emotions and channel their energy in pursuit of a better life is a life changing moment for many people. Life can be challenging and overwhelming. At times we all can feel inadequate, unhappy, anxious and disappointed. These feelings lead to uncertainty in behaviour and choices, resulting in a life that is less than what you envisaged for yourself. We all know that if you change nothing, though, nothing will change. This is where life coaching can help.


We have the ability to reflect on our life experiences, assess our circumstances and search for the next step, and many turn to life coaching to assist them heal, learn, develop, change and move toward where they want their life to be.


Through self-assessment, hearing new perspectives and better understanding their behaviours, coaching can help you discover strengths, unlock potential, gain confidence, throw bad habits out and implement positive strategies to achieve your life goals.

Regardless of who you are, getting inspired and finding practical strategies for immediate application, could be just what you need for things to improve and get you heading in the right direction. Whether it's to form better relationships, get your career on track, help you achieve wellbeing and happiness, or clarity about your goals, life coaching can help you build a better life, through the power of choice, conscious thinking and strategies.

  • Identify and achieve life goals by breaking big goals into achievable steps.

  • Improve your emotional wellbeing and learn to better understand yourself.

  • Build better personal and professional relationships.

  • Develop resilience to help overcome setbacks.

  • Learn to change negative patterns and replace them with lifelong positive actions.

  • Learn the triggers that give you stress and how to handle them.

  • Learn and apply positive psychology techniques.

  • Build confidence, self-esteem and self-efficacy.

  • ​Learn and work on achieving life balance.

To organise your keynote motivational speech and workshop facilitation.


Sometimes one sentence in one talk can change someone’s life. Maybe it’s a concept someone in the room has never heard of, or a new angle to an old problem that sheds light on a solution, or an anecdote that resonates and helps the team work better together.


BE UNSTOPPABLE’s keynote speakers deliver tailor-made keynote motivational speeches that can be designed to focus on personal development, leadership, culture change, achieving goals, as an organisational morale booster, peak performance, dealing with trauma or disappointment, and so much more.


Ideal for corporate breakfasts, team building days, or even as a treat for staff or teams who need that extra bit of motivation. Keynote speeches can be a one-off address, or as part of a facilitated workshop.

Keynote speeches can be designed for professional athletic teams and other sporting groups as a burst of motivation and mental conditioning. This can be a one-off or combined with targeted workshops for peak performance coaching.


Effective workshop facilitation is key in delivering and achieving the right message and engagement of staff and teams, working towards the objective of the workshop. We offer tailor-made, results-driven workshop facilitation, run over one or multiple days, addressing topics such as:

  • Communication and/or development of the organisational vision and mission statement, achieving collective participation and ownership of strategies to implement within the business or team.

  • Team days for motivation, reward and/or staff skill development for new policies and practices.

  • Communication skill enhancement for managers and leaders with coaching skill learning.

  • Group strategic planning days.

  • Organisational culture change and/or restructures.

  • Professional athletic team mental conditioning and peak performance coaching.

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