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Helping Big-Kids and Little-Kids develop life-long powerful abilities.

‘Mental Health’ has become a very serious personal, social and economic threat, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the negative ripple effect it has brought onto millions of people world-wide, including our own home … Australia. The Australian Department Government of Health states that almost half of all Australians will suffer from mental health, in some degree during their life (*1). The COVID-19 pandemic has increased those figures greatly, and as a result, there is a significant probability that all Australians have been affected with a degree of mental health or stress related illness in some way.


Lifeline, Beyond Blue, The Black Dog Institute, Kids helpline, The Salvation Army and other amazing ‘helping organisations and charities’ are available to support people’s basic survival physical needs, or supporting mental health to try and prevent self-harm and suicide or offer counselling regarding stress and depression. These organisations are predominantly call centres, where the public has the opportunity to ‘talk’ through their troubles in an attempt to feel supported and receive help regarding their mental state, however, these organisations have had a staggering increase in the number of calls for help, all related to ‘mental ill-health’, highlighting the need for more support.

On the 24th August 2020, 7-News reported on research from Sydney University, supported by Professor Patrick McGorry, the Executive Director of the youth mental health organisation Orygen, that teen suicide is feared to increase by 30% in the next 5 years, as well as a 27% increase in hospital admissions due to young people inflicting self-harm (*2). These staggering statistics further highlight the need for services and programs to support mental health in new ways, to educate people, young and old, on the methodologies to manage and minimise adverse mental health and circumstances that bring these illnesses on, to manage stress and depression, as well as learn the strategies to create and nurture ‘positive mental health’ and mental strength to cope with life circumstances.

Our research has found very limited organisations and charities who are focused on the development of positive mental health, with specific programs designed to educate on the psychological influences to adverse mental health, with evidence-based strategies to apply skills that develop and nurture psychological strength, and practices needed to achieve consistent ‘positive mental health’. The development of positive mental health is vital for human survival, for well-being, relationships, work ethic, social connections and strength of mind needed to progress past any challenge one faces.


On that basis, BE UNSTOPPABLE COACHING has created UNSTOPPABLE KIDS to be part of our range of programs that support the growth, development and cultivation of 'positive mental health' for our precious young humans. Educating, supporting and arming kids with life-long powerful abilities provided through the program, will result in a huge public benefit, for the long-term mental health of all Australians... and world-wide!


*1 - Australian Government Department of Health: https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/mental-health

*2 - Shocking teen suicide figures spark calls for immediate action in schools. Published: 24/08/2020 -


The amazing UNSTOPPABLE KIDS program is designed for kids, Big-Kids and Little-Kids,
with tailored programs to suit the different age groups, customised for better learning and appeal. 

BE UNSTOPPABLE COACHING and the BE UNSTOPPABLE FOUNDATION are proud to be offering the UNSTOPPABLE KIDS program, to help as many kids as possible develop 'Positive Mental Health'. In light of the added stress, disruption to learning, uncertainty and fear caused by the pandemic world-wide, our kids need to develop a strong and healthy state of mind more than ever. This program is specifically designed to help big-kids and little-kids develop ‘positive mental health’ and learn resilience, confidence, self-awareness and communication skills, enabling them to harness their personal strengths, learn to set goals and so much more.


UNSTOPPABLE KIDS helps Big-Kids and Little-Kids develop:

  • Strategies to prevent 'Adverse Mental Health'

  • Cultivation of ‘Positive Mental Health’

  • Stress Management Skills and Resilience Building 

  • Healthy Confidence

  • Harnessing Personal Strengths

  • Increased Self-Awareness

  • Enhanced Communication Skills with their peers, parents and other significant people.

  • Goal Setting Skills

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​Learn and Understand ...

  • Mental Health ... how to prevent 'adverse mental health' and how to cultivate 'positive mental health'.


  • Human Needs - how they affect your decisions and behaviour, with awareness of how to satisfy needs more effectively.

  • What causes you to emotionally react to situations, and how to control this.

  • How to control your thinking, emotions and decisions for better outcomes.

  • How the brain reacts to stress and anxiety, and what to do about it.

  • How to overcome fear.

  • How to have a resilient mindset.

  • How to build confidence.

  • Identify and work with your strengths.

  • How to communicate what you want more effectively, with empathy and assertiveness.

  • How to lead yourself and others well.

  • How to set proper goals for now and into the future, for life long achievement.




The UNSTOPPABLE KIDS program will be offered to schools in the Sydney area throughout 2021, with the view to expanding the program to outer areas and nationally as time passes.



The UNSTOPPABLE KIDS program will also be available as an online program for parents to purchase for their kids, in a step-by-step guided learning process, supported by a coach. The online program offering will be released throughout 2021.

Stay tuned for more information!




​Learn and Understand ...

  • How to have a healthy mind and cultivate 'positive mental health'.


  • How the things you need cause you to behave in a certain way, and how you satisfy those needs better.

  • What happens in your head when you feel upset or angry (stressed), and what to do about it to calm down.

  • How to overcome fear.

  • How to have a strong mind.

  • How to build confidence.

  • Identify and work with your strengths.

  • How to communicate what you want with parents and friends more effectively, with kindness and respect.

  • How to be a better leader and help others who need it.

  • How to create steps to achieve what you want ... climb your ladder!

The 'little kids' program is an adapted version

of the 'big kids' program, to suit age appropriate learning needs.



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The UNSTOPPABLE KIDS program will be offered to schools through the BE UNSTOPPABLE FOUNDATION, to minimise costs to the schools and allow more kids to take part in the program. We need funding and support from all businesses and individuals, to help us deliver these much-needed programs to all people, especially through the added pressure of COVID-19 and the ripple effect this pandemic has had on the lives of so many, further manifesting adverse mental health. Help us make a positive difference in the lives of Australian kids.

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